Finally! A completely natural, drug-free, guaranteed program to help you take control of your digestive problem… that really works!

Could It REALLY Be Possible To
Break Out of “IBS Jail,”
Take Control Of Your Digestion
And Turn Your Body Into Your Friend
Instead Of Your Enemy…
So You Can Start Living The Rest Of
Your Life
The Way YOU Want To?


The Answer is “YES”… And If YOU Want To Eliminate All The Insecurity That Can Come From Trusting Your Body To A Health Professional Who Only Listens To You For 90 Seconds… Then Tells You To Have Your Colon Removed, Take More Scary Drugs, Or Get Psychiatric Treatment… If You’ve “Tried Everything” And Still Suffer From Irritable Bowel Syndrome… If You’re The Kind Of Person Who Wants To Take Control Of Your Symptoms And Start Experiencing The Fast, Drug-Free Relief You Deserve… Then This Will Be The Most Important Letter You’ll Ever Read.

Dear Friend,

I have some important questions for you:

If you answered “Yes” to even one of these questions, then I have some important news for you.

You’re NOT alone. In fact, that list of questions was created from years of personal experience seeing IBS clients and from learning about how to deal with digestive issues for myself.

Here’s The Bottom Line…

NOT knowing how to control IBS feels bad.

It sucks.

It leaves you feeling like you have no power in your life.

It creates an underlying “distraction” that overpowers everything else…

It leads to feelings of loneliness and desperation.

It leads to you feeling like YOU’RE A PRISONER IN YOUR OWN LIFE.

On the other hand…

KNOWING how to control IBS feels GOOD.

It feels good not to have to plan EVERYTHING around your digestion…. and it feels good not to have to wait for “THEM” to find a magic bullet for your symptoms in the hopes that this time it will work without too many side effects….

It feels good to know that you can relieve your anxiety and stress quickly and easily before they have a chance to trigger you into pain and symptoms…. so you can enjoy doing things you want to do.

It just feels good knowing you’re in charge of your own health.

It not only feels good to YOU, it also feels good to the people AROUND YOU who love you and are concerned about you… and it’s WORTH LEARNING.

(In fact, you may have a thing or two to teach them, once you have discovered what works and what doesn’t.)

Most IBS Sufferers
Don’t Learn This Information,
So They Keep Making The Same Mistakes
Over And Over Again…

Most IBS sufferers take one of three approaches with this health problem:

1) They ignore their symptoms because they’re too embarrassed to admit to them so they suffer in silence for years….


2) They try to get help from a medical person who can give them a diagnosis but not a self-healing approach that works. So they end up with a prescription for pills, a recommendation for unnecessary surgery, or advice to see a psychiatrist.…


3) They believe that IBS is ONLY a gut problem and refuse to think outside the box until they’ve exhausted every pill, potion, diet, colonic, herb, probiotic and nutrient they can find.

The problem with these three approaches?

1) They don’t work or they only partly work
2) They’re expensive and time consuming
3) They create hopelessness and despair
4) They make you believe that NOTHING can help you!

So what’s the answer?

I thought you’d never ask…

The answer, my friend, is to stop banging your head against the wall using strategies that DON’T WORK… stop suffering the physical and emotional pain of IBS… and instead start learning powerful, tested, GUARANTEED methods to help you take control of your IBS and get your life back.

In this letter, we’re going to tell you exactly how to do that…

It Doesn’t Kill You But It Makes You Wish You Were Dead

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Kathy Raymond and Karen Alison, health researchers and creators of The No IBS Program.

Hi! My name is Karen Alison and I’m the co-developer of the No IBS Program. When I was a kid, if you had asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would have told you, “a secret agent.” I never planned to be a researcher into natural solutions for digestive problems.

But I come from two generations of digestive sufferers and, believe me, that means I have a deeply personal interest in healthy digestion!

For 16 years, starting in university, I put up with chronic indigestion and constipation, hoping that if I ignored the problem, it would go away. After all, who wants to talk about their digestion? Nice girls don’t admit they have gastro trouble! I never thought that it might be a health problem. It didn’t occur to me to go to a doctor—after all, there were two doctors in my family and they both had digestive problems.

I considered myself one of the “lucky” ones. While my digestive trouble was “just” embarrassing, other family members suffered from much more serious conditions including diverticulitis, colitis, and chronic diarrhea.

But as time went on, my digestive problems started getting worse, not better. I also had recurring joint pain, fatigue, low energy, runny nose, cough, food cravings, weight problems, cold hands and feet, anxiety and depression, yet, technically, I wasn’t “sick.” What the heck was going on???

Then, one of our relatives had a resection—surgery to remove part of the intestinal system that was blocked because of diverticulitis. Another family member began to have recurrent bouts of uncontrollable diarrhea, after seven years of taking medication for colitis.

I thought, is this me in a few years? I knew it was time to start looking for a solution. I began my quest to stay out of the hospital by visiting doctors, but they couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

“Just keep doing whatever you’re doing,” my GP laughed.

I never went back.

I knew if I followed her advice and kept doing what I was doing, I was going to end up with much more serious health and digestive problems! But I didn’t know what I was doing wrong, or how to fix it.

That’s when I started learning everything I could about natural health. It became my passion and my profession. I ended up meeting my business partner and co-author, Kathy Raymond, and we both spent thousands of hours and thousands of dollars tracking down and trying out natural health solutions to find the ones that really worked.

With all this “detective work”, I guess I did turn out to be a bit of a secret agent after all…tracking down the little known secrets of health instead of international spies! To me, it was just as exciting as any James Bond adventure.

The Fact Is, Most Of Us Never Suspect
What’s Really Triggering Our Digestive Problems

During these years of discovery, I found out how much I didn’t know about why I had digestive trouble. Once I learned many of the secrets we’ll share with you, I significantly reduced my digestive discomfort and cleared up most of my other health issues—using totally natural methods. No drugs. No surgery. No doctors. And I was able to help my relative with colitis stop the chronic, unpredictable diarrhea—even though that individual was almost 80 years old!

But I still hadn’t completely solved my digestive problem.

(If you’re wondering about my relative with diverticulitis, that person preferred to stay with drugs and surgery, despite worsening symptoms…As we all know, you can’t tell your relatives what to do unless they want to hear it!)

I thought I was doing everything right—eating healthy food, exercising, and taking most of the steps that we will tell you about in The No IBS Program. Yet something was missing.

It was only after I discovered a special technique for neurological repatterning that all the pieces fell into place. (We’ll tell you more about this in a minute.)

All of a sudden, I no longer had to worry that I might have an unexpected digestive attack in public.If that’s ever happened to you, you’ll know that it doesn’t kill you but it makes you wish you were dead.

My energy level soared. I lost my anxiety. I stopped getting depressed. Not only my digestion but my whole life turned around! For the first time in my life, I spent more time feeling happy and comfortable than being depressed, anxious, or afraid.

And it’s been that way ever since.

This was too good to keep to ourselves, so Kathy and I set up a program based on our 20 years of research and client work, including this wonderful new technique, and tried it out on a group of volunteers. The results were amazing! Keep reading and we’ll tell you what happened.

Now, what about you?

Are you forced to interrupt your work because of digestive pain or frequent trips to the bathroom? Do you miss out on social life because of fear of humiliating accidents and because there’s nothing you can safely eat?

Have you ever sat through an exam, a meeting, a job interview, or a date, squirming in your chair, trying to ignore your digestive discomfort, hoping you won’t embarrass yourself forever?

Or do you get up two hours earlier than “normal” people, so you can spend all the time you need in the bathroom before you leave for school or work?

Do you have to avoid airplane travel, golfing, conferences, or doing anything else that might take you too far away from a bathroom for too long?

Or are you forced to stay home, because you’re in so much agony, you can’t even walk?

The Real Problem With IBS

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No IBS Program developers Karen Alison and Kathy Raymond with neurologist, Dr. Robert Scaer, who links IBS to stored trauma in the brain.

As a sufferer from IBS, you’ve probably heard that no one really knows what causes this condition or how it is cured. That’s the conventional wisdom. And the conventional treatment is to offer drugs and, sometimes, unnecessary surgery, which may work for a time. But, according to the New England Journal of Medicine, “75% of people taking conventional treatments for digestive problems continue to experience symptoms…”!!!

That’s not a very good record, is it? The fact is, conventional treatment has failed spectacularly when it comes to digestive problems. So what can you do?

When all else fails, it’s time to start asking the hard questions.

Is it possible that conventional treatments for irritable bowel syndrome don’t work because they only treat your physical body?

What if something else is going on?

The answer to this question comes from brain science and was uncovered only in the last 20 years. That’s why most doctors don’t know about it. This answer isn’t the one they learned in medical school. (In fact, very few people know what you’re about to learn.)

Now, you might wonder what the heck your brain has to do with your digestive problem! As it turns out, A LOT!

“When you read the works of prominent neuroscientists including Dr. Robert Scaer, Dr. David Simon of the Chopra Center, Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, and trauma specialist David Berceli PhD, you quickly learn that the real source of your digestive agony is hidden not in your stomach, intestines or colon, but deep in the secret recesses of your brain where certain memories and reactions are stored, without your knowledge!”

How does that work?

Mysteries of the Two Brains Revealed

Well, all through your life, your brain stores everything that ever happened to you—the good, the not-so-good, and the downright scary! When those hurtful or scary memories are frozen inside you, they operate below the level of your awareness to stress you out and destroy the way your body functions.

They’re like a stealth bomb to your digestive system. Except that a bomb only goes off once, and these old stresses go off again and again, even years after the bad experience happened!

Think back in your life. Have you ever been in a car accident, house fire, near-drowning, skiing accident, or other dangerous or life-threatening event? Or…

Did you experience a change you had no control over? It might have been the birth of a new sibling, going to an unfamiliar new school, or your family moving to a new house, a new city, or even a new country. These changes aren’t “bad”, but when you’re a child and your whole world changes suddenly in a way that you have no control over, it can be tough to handle. Or…

Was there any psychological or physical bullying or abuse when you were young? Perhaps it didn’t happen to you but to one of your parents, to your sister or brother, or to your best friend. You might even think what happened was just a normal part of growing up. Yet part of you froze in response to it. Or…

Did someone close to you die? Did anyone in your family go through the nightmare of war—someone in your own generation, or in your parents’ or grandparents’ generation?

Even if the experience didn’t happen to you, personally, your family’s memories of traumatic events can be passed from generation to generation, consciously or unconsciously. These powerful experiences code your brain in a troubling way that affects your physical and emotional health.

And your gut is your second brain. According to Dr. Michael Gershon, it has just as many nerve cells as the brain in your head! Dr. Candace Pert calls these neurotransmitters and receptors the “molecules of emotion.” Because of these cells, there’s a direct link between your brain and your digestive system!

When events that rocked your world are frozen inside your brain, anything that reminds you of them now will trigger a painful reaction, especially in your sensitive “second brain.” No wonder you have digestive problems!

Of course, all of this is happening without your conscious awareness. You didn’t choose it.

It just happens…because that’s the way your two brains react.

So, are you stuck with your painful and embarrassing digestive reactions forever because of things that happened in the past? Things you had no control over? Or can you choose to get rid of them?


Is Stress The Prime Suspect Or Just A Co-Conspirator?

Right about now, maybe you’re thinking, “But I’ve been told stress is not the cause of my irritable bowel problem.”

We’ve heard that too. It’s a little confusing, since doctors say they are not certain what causes IBS. So how can they be so sure that stress isn’t the cause?

The thing is, the ordinary stress you experience in your day-to-day life can make your symptoms act up—studying for exams, the kids screaming, a sudden deadline at work, a bill you weren’t expecting—but it doesn’t seem to be the underlying cause of your digestive problem.

Here's what we understand from the research by neurologists. It's not today’s ordinary stresses that are at the root of the problem; it’s any extraordinary stress that was frozen into the part of your brain they call the limbic system.

Once the freeze reaction happens, you can’t discharge it from your brain and body unless you know how. You have to decide to release it consciously, otherwise it keeps playing out with diarrhea, constipation, cramping, bloating, anxiety, depression…well, you know what your symptoms are. It’s a lot like having Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

So when you have a chronic digestive problem like IBS, you need to understand that you’re dealing with something that’s more than a physical problem, and more than an emotional problem. It’s a complex situation.

However…there is a solution for you.

Say Goodbye to a Lifetime of Agony
With A Revolutionary Concept
That Puts You in Control of Your Digestion!

What would your life be like if you could go anywhere and do anything without planning everything around your digestive problem?

Embracing Life Without Fear: Case Study

BenoitCASE STUDY: Benoit Larin [Benoit is pronounced: Ben-wah]

LOCATION: Barrie, Ontario, Canada

OCCUPATION: Hairstylist

BENOIT’S LIFE BEFORE: Benoit joined the No IBS Program feeling hopeless about his IBS. After eight years of chronic diarrhea, severe abdominal pain, acid reflux, fatigue, and night-time incontinence, he was haunted by the fear that he would never get better.

I thought I was doomed to continue “surviving” in depression, anxiety, and loneliness, increasingly limiting myself from simple participation in everyday life.

When blood work and endoscopy showed no internal damage to his digestive system, he was diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder. He tried various treatments including the candida diet, the celiac diet, psychiatry, and mood stabilizers, but nothing helped.

Between my physical symptoms and my low levels of thinking and concentration, I was at the point of despair.

BENOIT’S LIFE AFTER: When Benoit first started the program, deep in anxiety, pain, and depression, all he wanted to do was eat and sleep.

I now have an incredible abundance of energy and my thinking is much clearer and more positive. I am actually starting to embrace life, without fear!

I am much happier than I was before the program. Life appears so much lighter now; my inner child is well out, and both of us are embracing life and having a ball at it!

Benoit’s determination to heal carried him through some unexpected challenges.

When I first began the program, I received quite a bit of negative feedback from others about it (fear of the unknown, perhaps.) The very same people are now studying the techniques closely and enthusiastically. One of them commented that I am the unquestionable “proof” that this program can be effective within a fairly short period of time. To me, the techniques I learned are right up there with breathing.

I have a sense of certainty that this program could and would change this world as we know it. IF we allowed it.

THE BOTTOM LINE: I cannot stress enough how much more freedom I am experiencing. I cannot count how many revelations I have experienced since I began the No IBS Program It scares me to think what my life would be like today if I had not found this solution.

Imagine taking control of your IBS. Starting today, you can begin to experience significant relief from your pain, urgency, diarrhea, constipation, cramping, anxiety, depression, and the fear that your condition will get worse…even after years of treatments that didn’t help!

Sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t if you have the right tools. If you are ready for a proven method that ends your digestive suffering and puts you in control of your health, please keep reading. You will learn how to free yourself from symptoms of IBS so you can enjoy your life again…even if you can’t remember the last time you felt really good!

Kathy and I would like to tell you about the unique program we developed for digestive sufferers just like you. It’s called The No IBS Program.

We have teamed the latest information from brain science with gentle healing arts from ancient China, to create a breakthrough program that will help you release yourself from your digestive nightmare. The No IBS Program also draws on little-known discoveries from the field of environmental medicine.

Our three proven steps are easy to learn and apply.

And it’s totally natural! There are no colonics, no herbs or pills to take, and no invasive procedures. You can complete the whole program in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Why should you believe us?
Because 99% of participants reported success
in resolving their digestive problem
AND became much happier!

How do we know The No IBS Program works? That’s a great question. If you’ve tried almost everything for your digestive problem, you’re probably feeling a bit jaded about anyone who claims they have a solution for you.

We don’t want you to be disappointed either, so we tested the program with a group of volunteer participants to make sure it really worked. That group included people with IBS, chronic diarrhea, chronic constipation, heartburn, acid reflux, hemmorrhoids, gas, cramping, bloating, rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, anxiety, depression, weight issues (weighing too much or too little), skin rashes and irritation, joint pain, fatigue and lack of energy. As you can see, it pretty much covered the waterfront.

All of these people had been to doctors, some for colonoscopies or endoscopies, some for surgery, most for medication, and they were all still experiencing problems. In every case, by the end of the 6 weeks, the participants who followed the steps of the NO IBS Program had improvements that surprised and delighted them. (Us, too!) In fact, the results were so good, we could hardly believe it ourselves!

Here’s what our participants reported:

In addition, there are no side effects, no expensive pills or supplements to buy, and all our digestion participants reported being much happier at the end of the program than they were when they started it!

Actual User Feedback : Zoe Tsoraklidis

Zoe Tsoraklidis"I joined the Program in the hopes of improving my chronic constipation, having had symptoms from the age of 3. I certainly didn’t expect to enjoy whole mind/body healing and an entire shift in my personal outlook and career path!

My confidence level has soared. My sense of self worth has been restored. I have made some amazing changes in my life in 6 short weeks.

It’s great to know that I can use what I learned in the program anytime, on my own, to move past mental or emotional blocks, or improve physical issues. It beats medications and pill popping and saves your wallet and your psyche from the effects of years of psych therapy!"

Zoe Tsoraklidis,
Business Owner

Compare this to what you can expect from conventional treatment:

There’s no question that it’s important to have an accurate medical diagnosis of your digestive problem. But, once IBS has been diagnosed, if the reports from our participants about their experiences with doctors are anything like yours, it is clear that many physicians are confused about IBS and how to treat it.

Have any of the following experiences ever happened to you in the doctor’s office?

Despite numerous tests and obvious symptoms, one of our participants was given a clean bill of health by her physician and left to figure out how to solve her digestive problem on her own.

Another was instructed to eat three tablespoons of bran each day, which did nothing to improve her constipation, bloating, and pain.

When endoscopy showed no damage to his intestines, a third participant was told he had depression and anxiety disorder. Anti-depressants and mood stabilizers were prescribed. He even participated in an out-patient psychiatric program. None of it made the slightest difference to his diarrhea, night-time incontinence, abdominal pain, or his anxiety and depression!

A constipation participant was prescribed antibiotics throughout her childhood and teen years. Her condition did not improve.

Special tests required a participant with IBS-D to go to a hospital in another city. While there, she was asked to drink a large quantity of a special liquid. After she ingested it, the technician laughed (!!!) and told her that this liquid would cause explosive diarrhea for up to 8 hours. Our participant was devastated. No one at the hospital thought to warn her to arrive prepared for extreme symptoms, even though they specialized in gastro-intestinal problems! The remainder of her day was a nightmare of pain and humiliation, especially as she had to travel for an hour to where she was staying and had not brought extra clothes in the car or supplies for dealing with her reaction to the liquid.

One of the challenges for IBS sufferers is that there is no single medication for IBS, neither prescription nor over-the-counter. It all depends on your symptoms.

Unfortunately, this means you may have to try different drugs or combinations of drugs until you find something that works. This can be a frustrating, painful, and expensive process.

What’s worse is that the side effects of some of the drugs for IBS are exactly the same as your symptoms. That’s right! The very drug you’re taking to relieve your diarrhea, constipation, anxiety, depression, and abdominal pain can cause diarrhea, constipation, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, abdominal pain, and even death!


Yes! The FDA removed a well-known IBS drug from the market, after it killed several IBS sufferers. Despite this scandal, pressure from consumers got the drug reinstated, to be used under strict guidelines.

Not all drugs are equally dangerous. But there are other problems. Participants have told us that, after faithfully taking prescription medication to control their IBS symptoms, one day the drugs simply stopped working for them.

Of course, drugs are not the only conventional solution. Surgery is another. The thing is, surgery doesn’t help IBS, since there’s nothing really wrong with the digestive system. But IBS sufferers are at risk for having abdominal surgery recommended and performed, even when it is not needed!

When you have IBS, you are twice as likely to be subjected to a hysterectomy or to having your appendix taken out. You’re three times more likely to have your gall bladder surgically removed. You will also have a much higher chance of having a colon resection or back surgery.

A 2007 article in GUT magazine, an international journal of gastroenterology and hepatology, comments that, “Much of this increased surgery must be unnecessary…” If so, why is it happening?

>Abdominal surgery is expensive, uncomfortable, and even dangerous, with complications ranging from bleeding, infection, shock, and short-term paralysis of the bowel to scarring or adhesions that can result in chronic pelvic pain and blockage of the small bowel. Not something you want when you’re already suffering from painful IBS symptoms!

To add insult to injury, you could go through this surgery and still have no relief from your IBS.

FAQ: So, does that mean I have to stop taking my medication to join No IBS Program?

Answer: No. Since the program is totally natural, it will not interfere with your medication. There is nothing to “take.” You should always discuss any changes to your medications with your doctor.

Who Else Wants A Solution That
Helps You Get Better Without Making You Worse?

The No IBS Program is safe, natural, and effective. In this unique program, first you will learn the subtle yet powerful art of neurological repatterning. That’s a fancy name for getting your brain and your nervous system to react a different way.

Since you’re reacting now with digestive problems, you need to interrupt the brain pattern that triggers your symptoms and replace it with something better. To do this, we use the ancient Oriental healing technique of meridian point tapping. You may have seen a demonstration of this on TV when Karen worked with Lisa Parzanese on the Slice Network.

Tapping is the vital secret to ending your digestive problem. This combined mind/body approach is the KEY to unlocking your old stresses from their hidden storage vaults in your brain and saying goodbye to them so they no longer harm you.

Yet tapping is only Step One of the No IBS Program. There are two more key elements. Put them all together, and you will experience the most reliable digestion relief method…period!

But before you learn what they are, you might be wondering…

Why didn’t my doctor recommend this?

We all know the medical establishment is slow to adopt new ideas, especially when they come from natural health traditions!

You may be shocked to read that it took hundreds of years before doctors learned to wash their hands before performing surgery or assisting a woman in childbirth. Thousands of patients died of painful, preventable infections because of this medical ignorance.

In fact, as recently as 1910, thirty doctors in New York City wrote to the mayor, complaining that hand washing was ruining their business because it was keeping children from getting sick!!!

If doctors didn’t even believe in washing their hands despite centuries of human suffering, can you afford to wait until they figure out the value of tapping?

Some already have. Internationally recognized medical doctors, scientists, and other important leaders now endorse tapping as the “medicine of the future.” They include Dr. Deepak Chopra, Joe Vitale PhD, Jack Canfield, Dr. Eric Robins, Dr. Carol Look, Pat Carrington PhD, Dr. Norm Shealy, Candace Pert PhD, Donna Eden, Bruce Lipton PhD, Cheryl Richardson, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and many others.

Let’s face it. The vast majority of doctors and other medical professionals are deeply committed to helping others. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t be spending their lives in a helping profession!

But it’s hard to help others if you don’t have the information they need.

Even the great Dr Franz J Ingelfinger, who spent a decade as editor of the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, observed that conventional treatment helps 10% of patients, harms 9%, and leaves the remaining 81% unaffected.

So, if you’re in that 90%, you need information you won’t get from your doctor.

You’ll get that information in the 3 steps of The No IBS Program.

Three Simple Steps for You…
A Quantum Leap for Your Digestive System

If tapping is Step One, what are the other two steps?

In our 20 years of research and client work, we have found that most of our clients with IBS and other digestive ailments have no idea what or how to eat to avoid trouble. Even if you have spent years improving your diet and food quality, you still may not know the vital “what and how.” Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? It is, once you learn the truth about food. That is Step Two.

Step Three will surprise you. It’s a little-known secret known only to specialists in environmental medicine. Without this crucial step, you may flounder for years, trying to end your digestive problems without success.

In fact, these 3 program ingredients will not only relieve your digestion but help reduce your risk of many other health problems, including cancer, diabetes, allergies, memory loss, skin conditions, hormone problems, asthma and congestion, and premature aging. You’ll also strengthen your ability to fight flu and cold viruses! How’s that for an extra benefit?

Imagine being free of misery, discomfort and fatigue. Imagine having healthy, normal elimination. Imagine reclaiming the time you once lost to pain and anxiety and, instead, having that time to enjoy your life. Imagine that you finally understand what triggers your digestive distress and that you have the power to control it!

The key to that control is available for you in The No IBS Program.

You see, The No IBS Program is a unique program—the only one that addresses you as a whole person. Because you’re not a machine that can be “fixed” with simplistic, one-size-fits-all methods. You need a program that takes all of you into consideration, not just your intestines!

I’m ready to end the pain and anxiety of my IBS now!

What Makes The No IBS Program Unique?

  1. You take control. The No IBS Program is the only method we know of that puts you in the driver’s seat with skills you can use anywhere, any time. With this program, you won’t have to continually buy products or visit health professionals. For probably the first time in your life, you will be in control of your digestion!
  2. You’ll get to the underlying sources of your digestive problem so you’re not just managing symptoms; you’re releasing what triggers them. It’s the only program that explains how your brain affects your digestion, in addition to the food and environmental factors that can harm you, and tells you what to do about it.
  3. The No IBS Program features audio and video instruction as well as written materials—something you won’t find in any other digestive program! It’s not just another ebook. (In fact, it’s not an ebook at all.) The whole point is to put you in control.
  4. The No IBS Program guides you through the program with email support so you can get your questions answered. We want you to succeed and we’re behind you every step of the way!

This program is NOT:

Here’s some of what The No IBS Program offers you:

Actual User Feedback: S.S.

“Taking control of my life has been such a blessing, and I am grateful to the program for this.”

Quinte, ON

Actual User Feedback: Linda N.

“I was surprised at how easy it was. I thought it would be harder!”

Linda N.,

We want you to...

Get The Maximum Benefit

…from The No IBS Program so we’ve designed it to be comprehensive, for serious symptom relief. The No IBS Core Program includes 8 downloadable audio modules that show you how to tap away pain, fear, anxiety, and discomfort.

The No IBS Core program is...

no ibs audio

8 simple lessons that will change your relationship with IBS forever.

  1. Learn the subtle yet powerful process that will give you relief when you need it. Better digestion and improved sleep are at your fingertips. In this introductory module, we ease you into the program. There is a LOT of information in the No IBS Program plus action steps, and we want to get you started right so you will gain ALL the benefits. You'll learn basic skills you can use anywhere, any time for a naturally healthy No IBS life and restful sleep. Downloadable audio.
  2. Special focus on resolving specific symptoms, whether you have IBS-C (constipation) or IBS-D (diarrhea) or both. Learn how to be gentle with yourself and tough on your symptoms. Downloadable audio..
  3. Time to say goodbye to IBS anxiety & depression. In this module, you will learn to release yourself from the tyranny of IBS worry, nervousness, and dread that wears you down and holds you back from enjoying your life to the fullest. Downloadable audio.
  4. Identifying products that are deadly for your digestion and what to do about them. Do you know the products in daily use that are murder to your system? You will learn what, why and how to protect your sensitive digestion from toxins that trigger symptoms. Downloadable audio.
  5. Make friends with food and eating. Why is it you can eat the same food on two different days and have two completely different reactions to it? IBS sufferers have a special relationship with food. Find out what works, what doesn’t, and why, so you can take back control at mealtimes. Downloadable audio.
  6. “Others don’t understand.” One of the most painful aspects of IBS is the lack of understanding from others, even those close to you. What’s worse is the attitude of many health professionals who should understand what you are suffering yet expose you to embarrassment, humiliation and pain. In this module, you’ll discover how to neutralize this often overlooked aspect of IBS. Downloadable audio.
  7. IBS changes your life. Work, school, and social challenges. Disclosure, isolation, fear of losing your job or being unable to earn money because of being sick or incapacitated. These are realities of existence with IBS that non-sufferers may never have to face. In this module, you’ll find out how to reclaim your life from these challenges so YOU are in control. Downloadable audio.
  8. Fight, Flight or FREEZE? Learn how traumatic experiences, frozen in the brain, impact IBS symptoms and what to do about it. Your brain and body remember everything that happens to you. Out of these cellular memories, especially trauma that is “frozen” into the brain, come behaviors, emotional patterns, and physical reactions like your IBS symptoms. In this module, you’ll explore this concept and develop an awareness of how your own experiences trigger your digestive symptoms and how you can “re-wire” your brain to stop them. Downloadable audio.

In addition to all the benefits of the Program, claim...

Three Great Bonuses!

Bonus # One: The No IBS Quick-Start Guide

Quick Start GuideWouldn’t it be great if you had someone to help you remember the No IBS program steps, so they become part of your daily routine?

We’ve created the next best thing for you: the handy No IBS Quick-Start Guide! It’s the Mini-Me version of the program.

This one-page printable guide gives you instant memory! Condensed program basics keep you on target at home or away.

Relieving your IBS just got easier.

Printable download. This may be the most convenient bonus guide you’ll ever use.

Yours FREE!

Bonus # Two: Tap Into Financial Health:

How to release blocks to financial success and heal your relationship with money.

Tap Into Financial HealthPlenty of people with IBS have fears about money. You may even blame your health condition for causing your financial problems.

What if we told you that your subconscious mind is full of old patterns that block your success with money? And what’s more, that they are the very same kinds of subconscious patterns that contribute to your IBS symptoms? Is now soon enough to get rid of them?

If you have trouble with finances, it’s likely that you learned negative money beliefs and habits at an early age—before you knew that it was happening. These old patterns operate below your awareness to sabotage your success and keep you from having the prosperity you deserve.

The good news is, you CAN take charge of these patterns and change them. In this bonus ebook, you will discover how to:

  • identify and release the money blocks and financial fears that hold you back.
  • overcome your money worries in spite of the economy, your work opportunities, or having to take time off work because you’re sick.
  • heal your relationship with money, install new, resourceful prosperity beliefs, and enjoy a rich life of abundance!

This downloadable $35 ebook is worth thousands of dollars to your financial health.

Yours FREE!

Bonus # Three: The Anxiety Buster:

Erase anxiety and claim a life of confidence!

The Anxiety BusterThis audio may be the best information you’ll ever hear about how to put an end to your anxiety, self-criticism, and overwhelm, and have a happier life.

Did you know that your thoughts and feelings actually affect the quality and health of your blood cells (and therefore of all the cells in your body—including your digestive system)? If you’ve been focussing on what you don’t want in your life, you’ll get more and more of those negatives—even inside your body at the cellular level!

In this bonus, you’ll learn simple processes that will uproot your anxiety at its source and give you the skills you need to erase your negative feelings. You’ll also learn how to turn your thoughts around with a proven technique that will bring health and joy into your cells and your life!

You can use this method at home, at work, at school, in the car, or anywhere else, any time you need to feel calm, confident, and in control. And it takes only minutes! This process has worked for thousands of people all over the world.

It’s quick, convenient, and always available when you need it.

In the Anxiety Buster one-hour audio we bring you the cream of the $185 day-long Anxiety Buster workshop, condensed for your maximum benefit.

Yours FREE!

Yes, I’m ready to end the pain and anxiety of my IBS now!

The No IBS Program is specially designed
for your success!

In this program, you will discover life-changing techniques. Whether this is your first year of having chronic digestive problems or you’re a 30-year veteran, you will love never again having to suffer from pain, anxiety, and distress once you are in control of your digestive health.

When you join the program, you get:

Not sure if the program is for you?

Compare The No IBS Program with other methods for dealing with your digestive symptoms. We did, and here’s what we found:

  Hypnosis Herbs or
Drugs and
Has Side Effects        
Relieves Diarrhea Sometimes Sometimes
Relieves Constipation Sometimes Sometimes
Reduces Urgent bowel movements Sometimes Sometimes
Relieves Pain Sometimes Sometimes;
Relieves Gas & Bloating Sometimes Sometimes
Reduce/eliminate Fatigue     Sometimes  
Increases energy     Sometimes  
Improves sleep        

Relieves Incontinence

Stops Fear & Anxiety      

Improves confidence

Relieves Depression        
Increases life satisfaction   Sometimes  
Take back control of life     Sometimes  

Enjoy eating again

Improves ability to digest vegetables     Sometimes  
Use it any time, anywhere        
How often do I have to use it? Daily 30 minutes 2-3 times per day Every meal & snack Daily use (drugs) As little as 10 minutes per day
How long does it take to receive benefits? Benefits in 14 weeks Must be continued for lifetime Must be continued for lifetime Must be continued for lifetime (drugs) Full benefits in as little as 3 weeks
Cost $140 $480 per year for life $50 Up to $33,000 As little as 26 pennies a day

Who Should Not Use This Program

If you have been travelling in other countries or often eat raw seafood or other raw proteins, it's possible that you have parasite-related IBS or IBS-like symptoms. This program does not address parasites, which must be correctly identified through testing and can be effectively treated with nutraceuticals and nutritional therapy.

A Life-Changing Approach

Think of your deepest desire right now. Is it something you’re putting off until you feel better? How much easier will it be to attract what you want into your life when you no longer spend hours in pain, longing for an end to your suffering?

When your symptoms are gone, you will be able to do SO MUCH more than you are doing now! You will be able to:

Right now, the thought of being able to enjoy most of these things may seem like a pipe dream to you. But it can become your reality. You CAN have a better, richer life, free of symptoms, with The No IBS Program.

If you have never tried The No IBS Program, you can’t imagine how useful it can be to you.

I’m ready to end the pain and anxiety of my IBS now!

Once you experience The No IBS Program, there’s no turning back from having a better life. So the only question is:

Are you ready to be free of your digestive symptoms?

You can access The No IBS Program right now and within minutes, you will be able to learn exactly what you need to do to begin successfully erasing your symptoms of digestive distress.

You may be asking yourself, “How much is this going to cost me?”

If you worked with one of us personally, this program would cost you over $2,400.00, and you’d have to be willing to wait until we were available (and there’s usually a waiting list.)

But you can start today for less than one-twentieth the cost of live appointments. (Yes, you read that right. The No IBS Program will save you 20 times the money you would spend if you came to see us in person!) Not only will you pay less, you’ll have the program materials on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to refer to whenever you need them. And you’ll get email support from us as a free bonus!

Your No-Risk 60 Day Guarantee:

GuaranteeWe are willing to take ALL the risk of your participation in this program. Take The No IBS Program and follow the simple steps and the action plan that we have put together for you. If for any reason, you feel this program does not deliver much more than the value you paid for it, simply let us know within 60 days and return the product and we will refund your money, no questions asked.

The only reason we can make this ironclad, 100% money-back guarantee is because we know this program will help you impact your life in ways you won’t expect.

Why? Because:

  • The No IBS Program is realistic. It’s based on neuroscience—you learn how your brain actually works and the way it triggers your digestive reactions, so you can stop them.
  • The No IBS Program is proven. It teaches you “road-tested” techniques that all our successful clients have used for life-changing results.
  • The No IBS Program is quick. After years of suffering, you can experience relief starting as early as the first week.
  • The No IBS Program is effective. This program helps you seriously relieve your symptoms, not just manage them!

no ibs audio

YES, Karen and Kathy, I’m ready to end the
pain and anxiety of my IBS starting today!

Please send me The No IBS Program and my three valuable bonuses. I understand I’ll receive:

  • Eight modules that reveal how to use the three gentle and powerful components of the No IBS Program to transform my condition
  • Downloadable audio for instant access so I can start NOW to feel better - MP3 format. I can copy to a CD or listen on my computer or MP3 player.
  • Full transcripts of all modules, so I can read them as well as listen to them.
  • Unlimited email support
  • Your generous 60 day money-back guarantee

Plus these great bonuses:

  • Bonus # One: The Quick-Start No IBS Guide. Take it with you anywhere for an instant refresher! The most convenient bonus guide you’ll ever use. One-page guide. Yours FREE!
  • Bonus # Two: Tap Into Financial Health. Let’s face it. We can all use some help with this one! Now you can stop worrying and start enjoying the abundance you deserve. Ebook. Yours FREE!
  • Bonus # Three: The Anxiety Buster! The best information you’ll ever hear about how to put an end to your anxiety, self-criticism, and overwhelm, and have a happier life. Audio recording. Yours FREE!

8 downloadable Audio Modules, downloads of all print material including full transcripts and Bonuses 1 & 2, and 1 downloadable Anxiety Buster audio. IMPORTANT: To access your downloads, be sure to click on "Return to Results in Healing," once you have completed your payment.

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Yes, I’m ready to end the pain and anxiety of my IBS now!

Only You Can Make Your Dreams for
Yourself Come True

What is it worth to you to be free to live your life the way you really want to?

Would you spend 40 cents a day this year, if you knew it would free you from pain, embarrassment, and the hopelessness of fearing there will never be an end to your digestive problem?

Give us the opportunity to show you how this program can change your health…and show you the many ways you’ll receive much more than you bargained for: more support, more information, and most of all…more results!

Worst case: You’ll get a real education in a new and all-natural technology that will revolutionize the way you think of your IBS so that you discover you CAN be in control of your digestion.

Plus, just for trying the program, you’ll receive:

Best case: You’ll finally find a tool that will help you powerfully relieve your IBS symptoms or completely “switch off” what triggers them, without drugs or invasive procedures—while you let go of old “stuff” that is blocking your recovery and your enjoyment of life!

The tremendous positive physical and emotional changes that accompany the use of this program could change your life forever. Many of our program participants report that they experienced more deep change and benefit from 8 weeks on the No IBS program than they did from years of medical treatment and psychotherapy that cost them thousands of dollars! The No IBS Program, on the other hand, costs less than the typical fee for ONE office visit!

So please—join us in experiencing this remarkable program. You have nothing to lose—and everything to gain!

The time is now...

Why? Because you can never bring back the hours you lose to suffering. Don’t lose any more precious time, when you could be feeling good and enjoying life.

Let The No IBS Program be the new beginning you’ve been searching for.

We eagerly look forward to having you in the Program.

Our dream is that you be able to
free yourself from your digestive problem
in a safe, comfortable, permanent way.

With our best wishes for your good health,

Karen & Kathy
Karen Alison and Kathy Raymond

P.S. Remember, once you follow the steps of The No IBS Program, you’ll seriously relieve the agony of your digestive symptoms AND you’ll release yourself from anxiety, depression, and any fear you may have about your future digestive health. With our 60 day guarantee, you can’t lose! It’s a proven method.

Actual User Feedback: Mike D

In 19 years of suffering, I have tried many different programs to alleviate the symptoms but nothing worked. Every aspect and decision in my life revolved around this condition. I had no control.

Today I have taken back that control. I now look forward to my new life as I once did back 19 years ago.

This is all thanks to the Program. I can’t thank you enough for giving me back my life. I highly recommend this program for anyone with health issues. It has changed my life and it will change yours. Remember, you have nothing to lose but your health.

Mike D., Business Professional

Yes, I’m ready to end the pain and anxiety of my IBS now!